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The Piezo Institute is the hub of European expertise and resources in piezoelectric materials

The institute's executive board and founding members include researchers from France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK. Companies like Meggitt/Ferroperm are also involved MORE...


10 May 2019

Piezo2021 Conference 


The site for a new edition of the Winter Conference PIEZO2021: Piezoelectrics for End Users XI was decided:

University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy....

13 January 2019

JNRSE 2019

The 9th National Days on Energy Harvesting and Storage - JNRSE 2019 will take place in Blois (France) on May 23rd -24th, 2019. More detailed on https://jnrse-2019.sciencesconf.org/...

20 October 2018

Piezo2019: The Electroceramics for End-users X Conference

The Piezo 2019 Conference will take place in the Krkonoše Mountains in the Czech Republic on January 27 - 30, where science and networking are combined with beautiful scenery.

The Electroceramics for End-users X Conference is the ...

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2 April 2019

PhD : Solid State Growth of Piezoelectric Single Crystals

Piezoelectric materials are at the heart of a £20bn p.a. industry in sensors and actuators, providing the functional heart of devices such as ultrasound medical imaging transducers, naval sonar and automotive fuel injection systems. This 4 y...

2 April 2019

PhD Thesis proposal: Lead free piezoelectric : exploration of the NaNbO3-KNbO3 system

This PhD thesis aims at exploring the NaNbO3 -KNbO3 phase diagram in thin films, through the development of mutli-target magnetron co-sputtering process followed by systematic characterizations of the chemical, structural and physical properties o...